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Planning on Paper at getmoving physio

Edgar & Martha has been a duck lately... all appears quiet, but under the surface we're flapping around like crazy. We've been designing and testing new products for the winter markets, and preparing for back-to-school season. Many of us see September as a new beginning, a time to get organized and get stuff done! And so we've lined up a bunch of Planning on Paper workshops to help you do just that.

May I introduce Trish Dyke-Brunelle. Trish is someone that I’ve looked up to for a very long time. Trish became my Big Sister as she was starting out in her career as a physiotherapist, and I was an awkward pre-teen. We would meet up to try a new activity, volunteer at a community event, or head over to her place for crafting, and always talking, talking, talking. She was the one I came to with the big stuff, because I knew she’d be good for a no-nonsense, no-shame discussion on whatever I threw on the table. We drifted a bit as I went into high school, and Trish had her first baby. A very busy time for both of us, but thank goodness for the internet! We now keep up with each other through the magic of Facebook and Instagram, and I’m always impressed with Trish’s compassionate and enlightening posts as @vaginaphysio. She is fierce in her advocacy for women’s health, and is still an amazing role-model.

On September 22nd, I’m overjoyed to be presenting a Planning on Paper workshop at GetMoving Physio, Trish’s clinic in downtown Barrie. Click here for Eventbrite, for all the details and to register.